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Please note: a variety of instruments are normally available on the LT. However, users should check the Call for Proposals before requesting an instrument for an upcoming semester. There is of course a limited number of available ports on the backend of the telescope; not all instruments can be mounted at the same time.

Prospective users should also make use of the Exposure Time Calculator before preparing telescope proposals.

In operation

  • IO:O
    Optical Wide Field Camera
  • RISE
    Fast-readout Wide Field Camera
    SPectrograph for the Rapid Acquisition of Transients
  • FRODOSpec
    Fibre-fed RObotic Dual-beam Optical Spectrograph [currently offline]
    Multicolour OPTimised Optical Polarimeter
    Liverpool Infra-Red Imaging Camera
  • SkyCam
    • SkyCamA: fixed 180° FOV all-sky camera mounted in telescope enclosure
    • SkyCamT: piggyback medium FOV (10–20°) camera with telephoto lens, co-pointed with LT
    • SkyCamZ: piggyback 1° camera in 200mm Newtonian telescope, co-pointed with LT. [currently offline]

The Telescope Autoguider is described on the Telescope Specifications page.