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Liverpool Telescope Oversight

Although the Liverpool Telescope (LT) is owned by Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU), its operation and performance are monitored and advised by a number of internal and external bodies.

In addition, LT users past and present are encouraged to send us feedback on their LT experience at any time using this form.

LT Time and Allocation Advisory Group

During the twice-yearly time allocation meetings, the LT-TAAG also consider programmatic issues pertaining to the current use and future direction of the LT. It evaluates and comments upon the day-to-day operations of the telescope, the performance of its instruments, and the productivity of the observatory as a whole.

The current membership of the group is:

LT-TAAG Membership
Name Institution
Stephen Hamer University of Bath (chair)
Steven Parsons University of Sheffield
Joseph Lyman University of Warwick
Megan Schwamb Queen's University Belfast
Michael Healy Liverpool John Moores University

Telescope users interested in serving on this panel in the future are encouraged to contact the astronomer-in-charge at any time to informally discuss the role.

LT Internal User Meeting

Members of staff at the LJMU Astrophysics Research Institute are also able to communicate their views on the performance of the LT via an internal User Meeting. This meeting occurs twice a year, usually just before the proposal deadline, and is currently chaired by Prof. Matt Darnley.

Allocation of Telescope Time

For instructions on how to apply, please see the Proposal Instructions pages.

Telescope time is allocated by a number of Time Allocation Groups (TAGs):

U.K. time

We receive operations funding from STFC and in return we offer telescope time to UK applicants through the Panel for Allocation of Telescope Time (PATT) process. This is performed by the LT Time and Allocation Advisory Group described above.

Internal LJMU time

Time is available to members of LJMU's Astrophysics Research Institute (ARI) through a separate allocation. Proposals are evaluated alongside PATT proposals by the LT-TAAG described above, though time is formally allocated by the ARI Management Board. The current LJMU representative on the LT-TAAG is Dr Michael Healy.

Spanish time

This is allocated by the Comision de Asignacion de Tiempos of the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias - the IAC CAT. The various CAT TAG members are listed on the CAT web site.

International time

This is available to non-UK and non-Spanish PIs through both the OPTICON RadioNet Trans-National Access programme, and through the International Scientific Committee (CCI).

For further details on these time allocation groups, and guidance on how (and where) to apply for telescope time, please use the "Proposal Instructions" link on the sidebar.

Last updated: 28 Mar 2023