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JMU Call for Proposals for Semester 2013A 1200 BST 19 September 2012

PDF file with full details (120KB)

The internal JMU Telescope Allocation Group (JMU-TAG) has issued a Call for Proposals for observations in Semester 2013A (1st February 2013 to 31st July 2013). The deadline for submission is 15th October 2012. The time available to eligible applicants allocated by the next JMU-TAG meeting will be about 70 hours for 13A. In addition another 50 hours will be available as priority C (backup). Applications are particularly encouraged for bright time and/or poor seeing condition which are typically less subscribed.

See the JMU-TAG 2013A Call for Proposals PDF file for full details.

These points are also made in the Call for Proposals, but are worth emphasising here:

  • A new Phase 1 form has been devised for all JMU and PATT submissions from now on, and is available for download here. This new form must be used; the old form will be rejected by our automated Phase 1 email system.
  • The optical CCD imager RATCam is not being offered in Semester 2013A. This instrument is now over 10 years old, and maintaining it in an operational state is no longer feasible. The main optical imager from now on is IO:O.
  • The IO:THOR electron multiplying CCD camera will be available as a common user instrument for the first time. IO:THOR has a small field of view (~2x2 arcmin) with very fast readout.

More details on the phase1 process are available here .

All questions associated with the phase1 process should be directed to phase1@astro.livjm.ac.uk .

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