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Phase2 UI: Appliance

This is an experimental new service for users having trouble getting Java8 to run on their machine. We would be grateful for feedback from anyone who attempts to use this appliance, succesfully or not.

VM Appliances

An appliance is a fully configured virtual machine bundled into a container. It functions like any other virtual machine you may create, but already has everything installed and configured ready for use. You can thus run this VM to use the phase2ui and never need the Java runtime installed on your host machine. It also ensures a consistent executable appearance whatever host operating system you run it on.


You will need a virtual machine hypervisor that supports the Open Virtualization Format. Virtually all common desktop virtualization tools do. We have only tested this appliance in VirtualBox so that is the only hypervisor for which we will likely be able to offer support.


Download the OVA appliance file: p2uivm.ova. [Approximately 200Mb download and will expand to 500Mb on your hard drive when installed and run.]

Double click on the OVA to install and run. Generally your hypervisor will automatically recognise and install the OVA as an appliance. Alternatively follow your software's instructions to "Import appliance". On VirtualBox this is found under the top level "File" menu.

Run the VM that was created in your virtualiztion software. It should boot a linux VM and present a conventional X11 desktop. Either the Java penguin icon or the shell script on the desktop will launch the phase2ui.

The first time the VM boots it defaults to a desktop of 1024x768 pixels which is the smallest supported by the phase2ui, but you will likely find the phase2ui easier to use if you increase the desktop size. The "Computer Monitor" icon on the desktop will launch the resolution control tools.