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Group Cloning with Phase 2 User Interface 1900 GMT 10th March 2011

The latest version of the Phase 2 User Interface, released today, contains a new tool for cloning groups of observations.

The tool makes copies of groups and their associated observation sequences, which can then be edited to suit. This makes data entry easier and quicker when creating many groups that are similar to one that already exists.

Groups can be cloned directly, in which case the system simply copies all constraints and properties of that group. For groups with only one target in the observation sequence, the tool makes it easy to create a clone that uses a different target, thus making it easy to create batches of groups with similar properties but different targets.

This latest version (1.5.2) of the user interface is automatically downloaded to your computer when you use the link on the Phase 2 web page [link]. Instructions for using the new tool can be found by following the "Group Cloning" link at the bottom of that page, or by following this link.

It's hoped that this system will make some data entry tasks on the user interface faster and easier. As ever, any comments or suggestions regarding the user interface and its features are welcome, and should be sent to the Phase 2 Support address.